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Jan 26,2015
AUS vs IND -5th Match
Location: Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Toss: Australia (Elected to field)
IND 69/2
16 Overs
Run Rate: 4.31
Result: No result
Last 5 Ovs: 18/1
RR: 3.6 4s: 1 6s: 0
India 69/2 (16 ov)
India Innings
So we will wrap up our coverage of this game. We had fun asking the questions and it was a delight to see so many responses. Your replies kept everyone entertained during all those frustrating rain breaks. Hope to do more of the same in the future too. Do join us on the 30th for England v India. Before that there is a lot of cricket to look forward to as New Zealand v Sri Lanka and South Africa v West Indies play each other. Until next time, it's goodbye from all of us here. Do remember to sleep tight!
The pitch had pace and bounce and Dhawan struggled. He got out to Starc and Rayudu came out with an intent to play a stroke every ball. He got away a few times, but his luck ran out soon. Rahane and Kohli were there in the middle when the rain came down. India will be happy with the two points as it now gives them a realistic chance of making the final. If they beat England at Perth, they are through. Don't worry about the weather at Perth, it hasn't rained in ages there. So expect a full game on Friday.
20:07 Local Time, 09:07 GMT, 14:37 IST: So the inevitable has happened. The match has been called off. From yesterday rain was predicted for Sydney today and the forecast promptly came true. The start of the match was delayed by 40 minutes. We got some play in before a rain delay for 50 minutes. The rain relented and the players came back to play. 16 overs were possible before a big storm struck and forced the abandonment.
19:56 Local Time, 08:56 GMT, 14:26 IST: The umpires are out there inspecting. We should know the fate of the game very soon. It looks highly unlikely that we will get a 20-over game in - even as the rain seems to have stopped - but we will wait for official confirmation.
19:42 Local Time, 08:42 GMT, 14:12 IST: Crickettalkback offers us this via his tweet - 'Play cannot restart after 8.45pm. As players need 30-45 minutes notice to warm up, a final decision will be made by 8-8.15pm.'
19:19 Local Time, 08:19 GMT, 13:49 IST: More bad news; in the form of Chetan Narula's tweet - 'Raining heavily now. Darkest its been today. Will be surprised if there is any more play today.' So we will be lucky to get even a 20-over game in, going by the look of things. India will be more than happy to accept the two points and go to Perth, to take on England in a virtual semi-final.
18:42 Local Time, 07:42 GMT, 13:12 IST: For those wondering about the cut-off time for a 20-over game to begin, it's 20:40 local which is two hours away. Not looking good though, even to get that sort of a game in at the moment.
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